Monday, September 3, 2012

Dancing Despite the Pain

I think this has been the summer of Things Going Wrong, but I am determined to keep heading towards my goal. It's not easy but definitely worth it.

My latest fun:

Isn't it so pretty? At first, I was afraid I'd developed a bunion.  It hurt to wear shoes or even walk sometimes. I to the doctor, who thought it might be a lipoma.  That's a benign fatty deposit, which sounds lovely.  I can now say I've had an ultrasound on my foot (who would have imagined?) with nothing found. When I went to the doc again after that, he noticed that it was redder and had grown in size.  Diagnosis: cellulitis and an antibiotic. Phew!

It's still healing up and I get to go back soon for the OTHER new pains I'm having.  I feel like I'm falling apart :)  I wake up in the morning and my hands hurt. Since I write online for a living, it's not helpful, to say the least.  Sometimes other joints like my elbows and knees hurt.  Sigh.

I'm still dancing though!  The other night was a bit pathetic.  I was doing the best I could but it was a pretty wimpy effort.  I know I could have taken a day off, but I NEEDED to dance and keep my good exercise habit going.

I'll be checking in next week for Just Dance.  I have lost weight. Huzzah!

What keeps you going?

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