Monday, August 20, 2012

Portion Out Your Snacks Ahead of Time

My cute hubby loves Cheez-Its. LOVES them.  I think they're delicious too. He can empty a box in one sitting.  I know how that is; if I'm not careful, I can eat my way through most of a huge Kirkland Peanut Butter Cups bag or similar tastes-great-but-not-good-especially-in-large-quantities yummy foods. I find it's much easier if I there's only a small amount to deal with, lest I just keep chomping away because it's there. 

He wasn't buying them because he knew the box would be gone too fast.  I didn't want him to feel like he couldn't ever have his favorite foods any more.  One thing I've learned from Weight Watchers is that no food has to be completely off limits. You just have to work it into your day and have reasonable amounts.

I decided to help both of us snack better.  I read on the box to see how many crackers are in a serving and counted out each time to fill a snack sized bag.  Now he and I can both have some Cheez-Its without snarfing them all down.

What snacks do you have trouble with?  What has helped you still be able to enjoy them?


Anonymous said...

Potato chips and crackers are my biggest weakness. Making individual portion packets is a great idea! I'll definitely be trying this out.

spunkysuzi said...

What a great idea!!

balloongal said...

I agree. That's a great idea.

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