Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just Sweat Dream Team Month 2 Update

Thank you to Ubisoft for picking me to be a member of the Just Sweat Dream Team and sponsoring this fitness series. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

Howdy!  It's been a wild ride for me this month.  As I mention in the video I made, I had something happen that was very hard.  I have a tendency towards emotional eating and this instance was no exception.  I just ate what I wanted to and tried to eat some of the pain away.  I know now that I need to work on that aspect more and find non-food ways to cope.

The scale did catch up to me and I gained back 5 pounds.  I am still down overall, though. I am back on track and I found out that I had lost 1.4 pounds when I went to Weight Watchers this week.  Wahoo! I also had fun shopping at a fruit stand in Brigham City, where I got new kinds of apples to try and so many AHMAZING! peaches.

It's very important, I think, to recognize when you are struggling and not give up. I started reading Weight Loss Boss by David Kirchhoff, the CEO of Weight Watchers. It's a great book and you don't have to be on WW to learn from this book.  He says:
None of us is perfect 100 percent of the time - certainly not the CEO of Weight Watchers. But if we can up our success rate from 60 to 85 percent, point by point, we can achieve great things in life. No sense in beating yourself up over the failures that you're bound to have.
On a happier note, I am pleased to say that I never stopped doing Just Dance.  It wasn't easy, because I wasn't in the mood to do much of anything. I would pop on Speed Shuffle and just go for it.  Don't get me wrong...I still love playing the game!  It's just the fact that it's hard to do things when you have sorrows. I really just felt like sitting on the couch with my laptop mostly. The dancing kept me on track at least a bit, and I am sure it stopped me from gaining as much as I could have.


Waist: 42" (-1)
Hips: 53" (same)
Thighs: 29.75" (+.5)
Chest: 43" (+1)
Arms: 18" (same)
Minutes of Just Dance From 7/11-8/10: 1,019

It wasn't easy to make the video.  It's just hard to admit you gained weight, right?  I look sad, but I promise I'm doing better.  It was more just that it was hard to know how to explain it all :)

I'm tracking what I eat and so on.  I dance. I am going to keep on going and "Never give up, never surrender!" Bonus points if you know where that quote is from....

What tricks do you use to keep yourself going on a weight loss or fitness journey?

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theballoonguy said...

Nessa, you Gorignak!

theballoonguy said...

In Galaxy Quest (bonus points for me) Gorignak means rock! You rock Nessa!

Vanessa Richins Myers said...

I do love that movie :)

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