Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Sweat Dream Team Month 1 Update

Thank you to Ubisoft for picking me to be a member of the Just Sweat Dream Team and sponsoring this fitness series. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

It's been a hectic but fabulous month.  We traveled to California and Missouri, and my mom came to visit us.  There was much eating out and other merriments going on. I was sick for some of the time with bronchitis and a perpetual sore throat. I still lost weight and inches though!

I made sure to do my dancing even when I was on vacation.  I took the Wii with us and set it up everywhere we stayed (if they did not have one already) and exercised, even though it was SO hot.  I bought a cool carrying case that looks like a bowling ball bag to use for future trips.

I did a lot of Just Dance.  A LOT. I did it at least 5x a week, with only a couple of days being 30 minutes and many being 2 hours long. I have been sore and stiff, but it's a delicious feeling.

Weight: 245 pounds (-7.8)
  • Waist: 42" (-2)
  • Hips: 53" (-2)
  • Thighs: 29.25" (-1.5)
  • Chest: 42" (-1)
  • Arms: 18" (-.5)
Minutes of Just Dance From 6/11-7/10: 1,541
Total Sweat Points Since May 2012: 88,550

I just hit over 100,000 sweat points total.  I only bought Just Dance 3 in May, so that's not too shabby.  I cannot wait to hit a million.  I unlocked everything on the game now, too.  I have improved a lot and even started getting 5 stars on songs.

I also discovered speed shuffle thanks to recommendations from my fellow teammates.  I start the timer on my phone and then hide it.  It helps me to keep going if I do not know how long it has been and just keep going and going. It does get me to try new songs and learn the moves better.

I have been surprised to see what songs become my favorite.  At first, I thought "Barbara Streisand" was pretty silly....after all, the only lyrics are "Barbara Streisand" and a bunch of Woooooos.  It's so much fun though!  Eric told me yesterday it was stuck in his head at work.  Oops!

I seem to have a knack for the Katy Perry songs - "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream" - and can get 4 stars and sometimes 5 consistently.

The ones that really get me sweating include jumping. "Jump for my Love" by the Pointer Sisters and "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by the Scissor Sisters both include lots of jumping opportunities and make me feel like I am sweating the pounds away. There are so many fun songs!

Goals for the Next Month:

  • 1 hour of Just Dance, 5x a week
  • Add in treadmill walking and yoga
  • Work on eating out less
  • Eat more fruits & veggies.
  • I hope to lose 10 pounds at least this time
How has your past month been? Have you started a new exercise regimen? Are you planning to soon?

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theballoonguy said...

Keep it up Nessa! You are doing great!!!

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