Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't Let One Day's Failure Derail Your Weight Loss

Vacations are not easy.  I do pretty well much of the time when I am at home with foods I picked out.  On vacation, though, you get thrown into situations where you don't control the food. I have to pore over menus trying to sort out what's the best option.  You go to parties with lots of FOOD..and not usually so much the healthier fare, is it?

I had a food-filled day yesterday.  There was smoked pork, meatballs, funeral potatoes, Hawaiian rolls, deviled eggs, cookies...the works.  I did have some green beans and fruit salad too. While I am still hanging on Weight Watchers-wise and haven't gone over in points, I ate far more than I should have.

It's easy enough to beat yourself up over bad food choices.  You get down on yourself for not being "good" and at least for me, my thoughts can start heading towards "What's the point? I just want to eat everything. I can't do this anyways".

While I've seen shows like "I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day" (yikes!), for most of us, one day's binges and splurges won't do THAT much damage.  You would have to eat 3500 calories over your regular daily allowance.  It's often more water retention from salt, etc.

Even if you what? It's one day, one pound etc.  Sure, it sucks that you gained back and will have to take it off again, but it's quite possible.  You didn't gain everything back. It's certainly not time to give up, no matter how you did that day.

I'm going to just buck up and work on doing my best.  I need to do some more dancing too!

What helps you focus and get back on track after a not-so-great day?

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