Saturday, June 9, 2012

Swimming With Foam Noodles and Bugs

I went swimming last night while Eric soaked in the hot tub. I brought a foam noodle I had bought at the store today.  I thought I would try using it since I'm not the world's best swimmer. @kgseymour told me on Twitter that she had been to a triathlon where there were foam noodles for new swimmers. I hope I can find one like that!

I took a few swimming lessons when I was a kid. I also remember taking a tumble in the surf once and being carried out to sea by the tide another time. It has left me not quite as comfortable in the water as I would like to be. The foam noodle did help. I just tucked it under my chest and swam laps (slowly) around the pool.  I won't get any awards for speed or form (I don't have much of the latter), but I did keep plugging away.

It was kinda gross at the pool where we went.  There were quite a few dead bugs, leaves and who knows what else littering the surface. I tried not to think about it the whole time and just swished the bugs away from me as I paddled ahead.

Do you have tips for becoming a better swimmer? Thanks!

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