Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My New Non-Food Weight Loss Rewards

My hubby Eric surprised me with some fun non-food weight loss rewards for my birthday.  He said he was trying to think of what to get me and knew I was passionate about losing weight.  This is the result:

I got 7 of these little slips.  Each one has a different weight that I must be to redeem.  The one with the lowest weight (under 200 pounds) will mean that I get to shave his head. Bwa ha ha!

One does mention a restaurant, but I will just be sure to make good choices and plan ahead.

I just think it's wonderful.  He loves me no matter what I weigh, but I appreciate so much that he wants to help me reach my goals.

What do you have for non-food weight loss rewards?


Charissa said...

I love this idea! Your hubby is SO sweet!

balloongal said...

That is a very thoughtful gift. Having certain rewards at certain weights works for my husband. He's gotten things like new pants (which he can fit into at a certain weight) and Wii games which actually fit in with the weight loss, as we have a rule you have to be standing while playing.

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