Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Have a Weigh In Outfit

I went into Weight Watchers this morning with a friend. It's so much easier now that I can go on a weekday morning. When I was going at night before, I would (ahem) not eat much during the day in hopes of having a better weigh in. Not smart, I know. But it happened.

One thing I've done is to pick out a specific outfit to wear each week as I weigh in. Behold:

It's a stretchy & thin leopard shirt paired with black pants. I take off my shoes for weigh in.  

If you weigh the same thing each week, you know the score right away.  Sometimes when I wore different clothes in the past, I would start justifying the weight in ways that were not good.

"I'm weighing jeans...that must count for a few extra pounds, right?"
"These sneakers add 2 pounds by themselves."
"Oh it's ok, it's really just this sweater"
It's true that clothes can add on some weight, but not THAT much. When I wear this outfit, I know this week's poundage is compared to the same parameters as last week.

It doesn't matter what your weigh in outfit is.  You can have no clothes (though I don't think places like Weight Watchers would appreciate you showing up like that ;)  ) or be decked out in heavy snow gear as long as it's the same weekly.

What do you wear to weigh in?


Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

I used to do the same thing when I was on WW - the same outfit for each weigh in and always in the mornings before eating breakfast. Admittedly, I wore workout clothing so I could use the same clothing, just different colors. :)

Now, I just weigh-in in my undies, but I'm at home. ;)

balloongal said...

That's a great idea. My husband wears the same thing when he weighs himself at home, too.

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