Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eating Out Is Hard: Today's Good Food Choice

I have been trying to eat out only once a week, but it's not going well at the moment. Vacations seem to be tied to trying new foods and enjoying meals out.

Mom is visiting and we decided to go out to lunch while we were driving around.  It took me a while to sort out what food I wanted, what restaurants they didn't have back home, and what could be healthy enough.  We finally ended up at Rumbi Grill.

I did ask for a nutritional pamphlet and was given a laminated sheet with some of the  healthier menu items. It was hard  to reconcile with what sounded good versus what was good for me. I was really wanting the Luau Pork plate because it reminded me of the plate lunches we had on our Hawaiian honeymoon.  However, it came with macaroni salad, slaw and rice, so I knew it would be too many calories for me. It wasn't on the nutrition sheet either. Sigh

I decided to get a half bowl of the Bali Island Chicken with brown rice.  Ta da:

It was delicious and cost me 520 calories.  A half bowl filled me up nicely and left me satisfied.  I love peanut sauces, too.

Try something new and healthier the next time. Check out the menu and nutrition before you go, if possible.  Planning ahead can help you avoid surprises that can derail you.

What helps you stay on track when you eat out?

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