Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weight Is Just a Number, Right?

I popped by Weight Watchers to get weighed in this morning. It had been a while since I had been officially weighed, though I had done so in the meantime on my own.  I was rewarded with the number 258.6 for my current poundage.

It's not the highest I have ever been. That was a relief since I know now that I'm at least on the way down still.

I could sit here and beat myself up about gaining back some of the weight I lost. What would that accomplish, though?  If you focus too much on the number itself, it can really get you down.  I never thought I'd get above 250 and yet here I am.

Weight can also be misleading.  Unless you're getting a body fat analysis, it doesn't tell you if you've built up a lot of muscle. People come in all sizes and shapes and 258.6 may look very different on someone else.

It's just a number.  It doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I'm not a complete failure. I'm here now ready to focus and make it happen, and my life is in a place where it can happen.

Instead, I'll treat it as a new baseline. If I want to get down to 134 (half of the highest weight I remember), I have 124 to go.  My BMI is 44.4 and I need to get to 175 to "just" be overweight. Now I know and knowing is half the battle (GI Joe!)

A high number doesn't have to be your nemesis. It should be used as motivation, but don't let it stop you from achieving your goals. Take things one day at a time.

What keeps you going?

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balloongal said...

Good for you. This is a great post. We are all different and what's easy for one person may be difficult for another and vice versa. What keeps me going to meet my goals is to try again. I make a lot of mistakes, things don't always go the way I want them to, but I try. And sometimes I have to say, "O.K. I'll try again tomorrow." Like you said, take things one day at a time. Keep up the good work, Nessa.

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