Thursday, May 24, 2012

Try the Sharks vs. Lifeguards Parachute Game

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Tomorrow is the last day of school. Where does time go? We had our field day today with 7 different fun games.  For our station, we had a cool parachute that was made in 1953. I learned about a parachute game that the kids (1st-5th grades) just loved and gave me a workout.

In Sharks vs. Lifeguards, we chose 3 students to be sharks and 3 to be lifeguards for each round.  The sharks would crawl under the parachute and wait.  The lifeguards roamed around the circle.  Everyone else sat down with their legs under the parachute and started moving the parachute to hide where the sharks were.

The sharks would find kids around the circle and start dragging them under the parachute.  The lifeguards were supposed to save them from being "eaten".  If they ended up under the parachute, they became sharks too. I participated most of the time and got a great workout as I was dragged under and then had to scramble around trying to find my new target.

Try it at your next field day or family reunion! What other parachute games do you like?


balloongal said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun. How many kids were saved by the lifeguards?

Vanessa Richins Myers said...

Hah, they were saved from time to time but by the end of each round, all had fallen prey to sharks :)

balloongal said...

Clever sharks.

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