Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Motivational Weight Loss Bowls

I've been seeing these motivational weight loss jars all over Pinterest (follow me!) Basically, they are 2 glass jars with the words "Pounds to Go" on one and "Pounds Lost" on another. You fill the former with an amount of glass beads equivalent to how many pounds you want to lose. As you lose the pounds, you move glass beads over and enjoy a physical representation of your weight loss journey.

Here's my version:

Bowls to match my gorgeous betta Esperanza
I chose fishbowls since I liked the round shape.  The left one holds 122 blue and green gems.  I was able to put 12 in the lost bowl. Yay!

These were SO simple to make and inexpensive.  For less than $10 I was able to buy 2 fishbowls, a bag of gems and some stickers I found on clearance in the scrapbooking aisle. Visiting that section will allow you to create a theme for your jars. Mine has a bright summer feel, don't you think? You can use smaller bowls or jars if you like. I wasn't quite sure how much room 122 gems would take up. I still think they're awesome.

Have you made some of these? Show me!

1 comment:

balloongal said...

I think those are so great. Really great job. That is a great idea.

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