Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Find a Favorite Fruit

Photo by theseanster93

I am obsessed with trying new fruits.  Part of this is because I write about trees and shrubs and almost all culinary fruits are found on one or the other. I also just love the thought of something sweet and luscious that is good for me!

When I was in California, I had to go shopping for fruit trees for my little patio garden.  I am most excited about my peach/nectarine tree.  Nectarines are my absolute favorite fruit. They are juicy and tangy-sweet and OH SO GOOD! There are only 3 on my tree right now, but I am sure they will be scrumptious.

I've made it a personal challenge to try as many fruits as possible.  I scour the local supermarkets to see what exotic lovelies might have popped in from far away places.  Even when I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii, I dragged my patient husband to a farmers' market and was able to add quite a few new kinds to my "Have Tried" list.

You might even like a fruit that you didn't use to if you try it again.  I never thought I liked mangoes...until I ate it as an adult and decided I loved it! I still can't say I really like any melon except watermelon, though.

My challenge to you is to try a new fruit today. Even if you think you've tried them all, take another look. Your taste buds and waist will thank you!

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balloongal said...

That's really good advice. I'm leaning to eat melons since my daughter and husband like them. I'm not really a fan, but I keep trying.

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