Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Adventure of the Freezing Refrigerator

I've seen what raw eggs look like when they're frozen solid.  We got to make this discovery because our refrigerator likes to freeze everything, even on the warmest setting.  We can't keep a jug of milk because it becomes hard as a rock.  The fridge is pretty bare right now since we can only have foods that won't be affected much by freezing.

We even had it repaired, in theory.  After ordering in a thermostat (the fridge is only about 6 months old and under warranty), we had a visit from the technician yesterday to install it.  Mister went to go get our milk tonight, only to find that it too had succumbed to the tundra.

It has affected how I eat and cook.  I can't have any skim milk or eggs and it's difficult to find spots that won't freeze our yogurt or cottage cheese. The baby carrots I bought for a healthy snack are one solid piece now.  I can't risk ordering from the co-op since I have nowhere safe to put things like leaf veggies.

The tech department is closed, so I can't even set up an appointment until tomorrow morning.  Hopefully they can figure out what is going on.

Have you ever had this problem? What are some ideas for some healthy meals I can make with things that don't need refrigeration or can stand freezing? I'm just grumpy from dealing with it and don't want to think :)


theballoonguy said...

We've always had colder spots in our fridge, but never a complete wannabe freezer. I hope it gets fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

You could go European and just buy what you're going to use that day until it gets fixed. Greens can sit out for a little bit if you're going to use them. Good luck!

balloongal said...

Steamed veggies. Work great from frozen.

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