Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Walking Again in Paradise

Hi there.  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Life was hectic for a while - I worked on writing about my beloved trees and shrubs. Planned some community and school gardens, which are still in progress.  Moved to a new place.

Oh yeah, and I got married too :)  Life with him has just been so wonderful and he is very supportive of all I do.  I'm a lucky gal.

However, this all added up to a bit of a derailment weight loss-wise.  With everything going on in life I decided to worry about it after the wedding...perhaps not the best decision, of course, but stress made life difficult. I've stayed generally in the vicinity of where I was before - thank goodness my wedding dress still fit when I saw it again a couple of months later!

My honeymoon has brought walking back into my life, which I am thrilled about.  We spent a week on Kauai (with a car) and now we're in Oahu (without). Kauai was lovely - we walked around beaches.  Went to see gorgeous destinations like Waimea Canyon in the picture. I made him go to a garden with me.  We visited a farmer's market where I got several new tropical fruits to try.

Yesterday's jaunt here in Oahu was difficult - we walked to the grocery store.  It was hot and humid (I'm used to the hot, of course, but humid adds a whole new dimension).  I wasn't sure how long we would have to walk (I believe now it was about a mile each way). I wore the wrong shoes (doesn't everyone wear sandals in the tropics??). It was a rough walk.

We finally made it to the store.  I kept taking my shoes off to feel the cool tile on my soles.  I think I had a bit of heat exhaustion, so the rest helped.  We got our food and went to leave.  Mister offered to have me ride the bus home, but I wanted to walk.  I just kept thinking how I once walked 13.2 miles, so surely I could do this too.  And I did.

I had more walking adventures today.  This time I decided to wear sneakers - how wise of me :P  I took the bus to an arboretum, where I strolled around the gardens snapping hundreds of pictures.  Later that night we took a walk along the beach and sidewalks, window shopping and having fun.

We aren't done yet - there's snorkeling, another garden (poor guy, I make him go to all these now.  He's sweet. I'll reciprocate with something he likes, of course), walks on the beach and more.  Life is good again.  It gets a little easier each time and I now want to do races again.

What helped you get back into exercise again?

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balloongal said...

Park Week. I love going to local parks and pushing the stroller around the walking areas. Or just going walking with a friend. Hint. Hint. I know of a park near where you live.

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