Friday, March 11, 2011

I Need Bridal Bootcamp's been a bit quiet here.  Life is hectic. I work, I play, and now I'm getting married in June - huzzah!

Dating has been bliss for me.  I admit I got comfortable and ended up gaining weight back.  I don't entirely mind it though - it was one of the things that convinced me he loved me no matter what :)

Now that I've got a Big Day coming up, I do want to jumpstart the weight loss again.  I've lost at least 4 pounds so far, which is wonderful.  My wedding dress is snug, but not extremely tight.  It would be wonderful if I lost at least a few more pounds by the wedding, then continue on my weight loss journey.

I need ideas on the best ways to step up my weight loss.  Should I do a ton of push ups? Start training for a race again? Become a DDR freak again?

How did you lose weight for your wedding?


Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I say do whatever motivates you. Of course eating well is a major part of it. Congratulations and good luck!

Lia said...

Have you ever tried a liver cleanse? It not only got my liver working better (it's one of the primary organs for metabolizing fat), but it also helped me find out I was gluten intolerant. I dropped a lot of inflammation really fast.

Maggie said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. My husband and I are having our first baby in June. I will definitely need to take off some weight after the baby is born. We've been really happy with the program we're using through Their system is really easy to use and it does everything. They have 1000's of different recipes to choose from and they help you build a fitness and nutrition plan that suits your goals. For the nutrition part they even send you printable daily meal plans and menus, as well as printable daily or weekly grocery lists, which are broken down by the area of the grocery store or supermarket. I like that all the recipes contain 12 ingredients or less, so they are easy enough for even my hubby to cook. And I like that there's no fad diets, pills, or required supplements. Their exercises are all made by a certified personal trainer and come with printable workout cards and details of how the exercises are done. I suggest you check them out. They offer a free trial anyway, so there's harm in trying.

Fat Loss on a Rebounder said...

The best way to lose weight fast is with a combination of interval training and cardio - that's what worked for me anyway. I do all my exercise on my rebounder - I do interval training sprints 3 times a week and a variety of aerobics workouts on it the rest of the week. And the awesome thing about this sort of training is that it doesn't take much time. 20 minutes a day and you're done.

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