Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BOD POD Body Fat Analysis Test Today

I went to my weekly Y-Be-Fit meeting, although this was no ordinary visit.  By completing an earlier challenge with their program, I had earned a free BOD POD body fat analysis. (usually $15).  Today was the day I finally decided to bite the bullet and see my current body fat percentage.

I donned a swimsuit before going to their office.  Things like clothing, hair, jewelry and glasses can disrupt the results, according to BOD POD's website, so I wore a swim cap too. You also shouldn't eat for 2-3 hours, nor exercise beforehand.

After I weighed in on the connected scale and my counselor tared the machine, I sat down inside.  The name Pod is apt, as the egg shape makes it look like it belongs in a sci-fi movie.  You sit there quietly without moving for about a minute.  There are some little pops and you can hear air pumps, but I didn't feel a thing.  The lid is lifted, then replaced and another minute session commences. That's it!

The BOD POD is able to determine body fat percentage pretty accurately by measuring body mass (from the scale weigh-in) and body volume (from the testing).  The machine then is able to calculate out the percentage of fat in the body.

I received a paper that told me my fat and lean mass percentages, as well as the actual pounds those percents indicated.  It also mentions my body volume, body density and total body mass.  The fat percent is a high number - eep. I think I will wait to post that amount until I've lost a bit more.

If you're interested in getting a BOD POD test, start by checking your local university.  Many of them make the tests available to the community for a fee.  There's a BOD POD locator on their website.

Have you had a BOD POD test?


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