Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Ultimate Family Fitness Vacation

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As I was looking through the my inbox, I got a notice from one of the fitness groups I belong to on LinkedIn.  They mentioned that this year was the 2500th anniversary of THE marathon....namely, the one in Athens, Greece.

As The Independent mentions in their story on the history of the Greek marathon:
According to the most familiar version of the story, he [Athenian messenger Pheidippides] invented not only the marathon race but the concept of "breaking news" long before satellite dishes and Twitter.
He ran 26 miles and 385 yards from the plain of Marathon to Athens in 490BC to bring news of a famous victory over invading Persians. He burst into the Athenian assembly and shouted: "Nenikekamen," – "We have won" – before collapsing and dying.
 Every year there's a marathon in Athens, Greece that takes the same route as that ancient messenger.  While I am a bit late for this year (it will be run on October 31st), there's always next year!  I think it would be so much fun to take the ultimate family fitness vacation and do THE marathon as my very first one.  I've been dying to go to Europe for a long time, and this would be an amazing trip.  We're even hoping to live in Europe for a few months, if all goes well.

I would go with my boyfriend, since he's been dreaming of Europe too.  It would be fun if my brother and sister-in-law came along, since she does races too.  My parents deserve a break, so it would be even better if they could come along to join in the fun.

Where would you go for your ultimate family fitness vacation?

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