Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling A Bit Unmotivated

It hasn't been easy lately.  I've managed to gain back 20 pounds I had lost.  Breathing is a bit labored, due to either bronchitis after the flu, or asthma (it could be both).  I start a new job tomorrow.  I've also been trying to arrange my writing projects and jobs better.  Life is busy.

I'm sure a bit is stress.  I'm tired of thinking about some of the problems in my life. They're getting better, but it's not over yet. Maybe some yoga is in order?

I also worry that winter is coming.  Most years I seem to gain weight since I have massive carb cravings.  I hope I can battle that this year.

I'm not giving up on losing weight.  I'm just taking a tiny vacation so I can hopefully recapture some of the fire I've had before.  I'm taking a week or two off from setting specific goals with Y-Be-Fit.  Getting my writing projects in order so they flow.  Making a basic food plan.  Perhaps I'll play a little Dance Dance Revolution or Wii Fit so I can be doing at least some sort of exercise.

Life is going to get better.  Maybe I'll even lose a pound over the next week, if all is well.  I just have to keep believing I can do it and take this process one day at a time.

What do you do when you don't feel motivated?


The Farming Wife said...

I think it happens to all of us! Plus, you aren't feeling well on top of it. Ugh.
Keep making plans and taking baby steps though.

Huge Hug!

Amy J

Susan said...

I know how you feel. I have to lose weight, but always feel unmotivated. I can lose 20 lbs, then get sick, gain it all back and then get unmotivated until the next trip to the doctor.

Congrats on losing the weight! Don't you wish it was as easy to lose as it is to gain?

Autism Mom said...

I'm trying to get back into working out. Last year at this time I had just competed in my first figure competition. Today I've back to the weight I'd lost before the competition, minus most of the muscle mass I'd gained. :( I know I could've kept more off, but I got into a car accident and then I let my depression and stress detract me from staying fit. I've just gotten the okay from the spine specialist to start doing higher impact exercise, yet I find that I'm not in a real hurry to start. :( For months I've been psyched for the day I'm "allowed" to start running, doing squats, lunges, etc., and now that I've got the okay to do so I don't have the drive.
However, I know I'll get back to it. I hope you're able to stick with your goals over the winter. Just know that you're not alone! : )

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