Thursday, September 9, 2010

Training for the Halloween Half in Provo

The time has come for another half marathon.  I need to push myself to do better. It's been busy here with work, dating and more.  Fitness needs to come off the back burner and become one of my top priorities again before I totally undo all I've accomplished so far.  I am so glad Y Be Fit is back in the office!

On October 30th there's a Halloween Half Marathon in Provo.  It's exciting - an excuse to dress up!  I think we'll be going as zombies - in my best friend's words, it's so that if we come staggering and gasping across the finish line, it just looks like we're in costume.  :)

My goal, as usual, is just to finish.  I did the Pocatello Half Marathon in 4 hrs 15 minutes.  I wonder if I can be faster this time?

What races are you doing next?

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