Friday, July 16, 2010

Easing Back into the World of Fitness

The past month or so has held quite the adventure for me.  Biggest of all was emergency gallbladder surgery - that certainly was a wild day.  I went to the emergency room at 5:30 am and by 5:30 pm, I had had surgery and was leaving the hospital after feasting on apple juice, chocolate pudding and shortbread cookies.  

I spent the evening in a daze, where I evidently did amusing things like talk to my roommate, say weird things and then fall asleep...several times.  The breathing tube left me with a deep raspy voice, and I remember my friends joking about getting me to prank call people since they wouldn't recognize my voice.  I had to walk around so I didn't get blood clots, and cough a lot (oh man, did that hurt) so I wouldn't get pneumonia.   I ate tons of ginger snaps to help ease the nausea.

I'm up about 5 pounds since before the surgery, due to bad eating and lack of exercise.  I'd read online how some people had problems eating certain foods after the surgery, so I'm afraid I went overboard in relearning whether I could eat foods like pizza, burritos and fried chicken (yes to all).  I thought it was annoying that fresh strawberries made my stomach rumble a bit the first time I ate them; I've had them since with no problems.  

Besides a couple of bouts with nausea and a day with some pain, I'm pretty much healed now.  It's amazing how fast the recovery for this surgery is.

I've been training with Omron's Team GOSmart for a 5K in September at the Greek Festival.  I'm slower than I used to be, since I've taken about a month off.  It will just take time, which is fine. I'm just happy to be healthier again and getting my life back on track.

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