Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Join the Woman Challenge

The National Women's Health Information Center (part of the US Dept of Health and Human Services) is holding the "Woman Challenge".  They're encouraging women to get at least 2.5 hours of exercise a week, include activities to strengthen muscles twice a week.

I'm a couple days late starting, but I already know a general plan and know I can get at least that much time in.  I love a challenge, anyways.  So here's my pledge:
Starting  and for the 8 weeks following, I pledge to set weekly physical activity goalsmeet or exceed my goal each week, and celebrate a healthier me!
I will use the Woman Activity Tracker to keep track of my activity and for each week I succeed, I will earn a Woman Challenge trophy. I pledge to earn 8 Woman Challenge trophies in order to receive a Woman Challenge success certificate.
It's easy enough to get started.  As their site shows, you just:
  1. Register – Register online now — it's quick and easy!
  2. Take the Woman Challenge pledge – Take the pledge now and commit to 8 weeks for better health!
  3. Set a Goal – Set a weekly goal for how many minutes of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity you want to complete. You can also set a goal for how many days of muscle-strengthening activities you want to complete.
  4. Enter Your Activities – After completing an activity, enter it online. You can even keep track of what type of activity you did. For example, walked to the store or biked 2 miles.
  5. View Your Progress – Watch your progress throughout the week as you move closer to meeting your goal. You can even compare your progress from one week to the next using the new progress graphs.
  6. Earn Awards – Earn up to 6 new awards each week. Are you an Activity Champion? Or maybe you're a Quiz Mastermind? Find out each week!
 Anyone want to be on my team?  Let me know, and tell me if you're signing up.  Let's all get healthy!

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