Friday, May 7, 2010

Become a Miler.....Like Me!

Last night I decided to try for one of my goals - jogging a mile straight. I had seen a post on the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans about how the American Running Association was holding the "Run a Mile Days". The Sisterhood was encouraging everyone to try and complete a mile (whether jogging or walking) by Saturday May 8th.

It took a while to convince myself that I wanted to go to the gym; it was mostly because I was quite sleepy. Finally I perked up enough where I felt safe driving, so off I went.

For the first mile, I gradually raised the mileage, trying to warm up my legs. I told myself that once it hit 1.00, I would try jogging. I skipped around on my iPod Shuffle to find some faster songs.

Mile 1 came and I was off! I dialed it up to 4.5 MPH (I have short legs, so it doesn't take much to get jogging. Still counts though!). It didn't take too long before my asthma started kicking in a little. As the numbers ticked by, the discomfort grew. There were times where I almost stopped, but dared myself to go farther, since I wasn't in the danger zone yet. (I would have stopped if I felt my asthma was too problematic, don't worry. Thank goodness mine is mild overall).

I did switch it down to 4.2 MPH at some points; I was determined that I would complete a mile straight. My lungs did feel like they were on fire. I gasped like a fish out of water. As I came closer to the end, I made it go faster in an effort to be done.

I jogged a mile straight!

I punched the stop button the instant that 2.00 appeared on the dashboard. I walked over to the drinking fountain and gulped heartily. I was supposed to do 4 miles that day, but I didn't want to tax my lungs any more. But I did it!

I challenge you to do a mile this weekend...whether jogging or walking. No matter how long it takes, you're still moving! :) Who's in?


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Melissa (TheDailyMel) said...

WTG! I wogged (walk/jog combo) my Sisterhood mile on Thursday, but wanted to come by and congratulate you on a nonstop mile. That's awesome!!

Angela Pea said...

Good for You!!! I'm so impressed at a whole mile running.

I did it, too, but not running. four miles yesterday, walking very fast and sometimes running on the wooded paths at the botanic garden. I stopped only a few times to climb over fallen trees, but all in all, kept moving.

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