Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 3 Marathon Training Schedule

I am happy to report that I am back to training for the marathon after giving my knee a little rest.  I did dial down the MPH and I am working back up to where I was.  I am getting the miles in, though, so that is great.

I decided I would do a quick post here once a week with my marathon training schedule.  I thought it would be another way to keep me accountable.  It also lets you see what mileage you should be doing to build up to a marathon.  I am doing the beginning walkers' version -  this isn't 20 miles of hardcore running a day, so don't worry.  I will be doing that length one day later in training, though.

Coming up this week:

Monday - a day of rest on the schedule!  I made a goal at Y-Be-Fit that I would do at least one strength training workout this week.  It would probably be easiest to fit it in this day.  We'll see.

Tuesday - 3 miles, just a bit faster than normal.

Wednesday - 2 miles

Thursday - 4 miles, a bit faster than normal.

Friday - Cross training or rest.  Maybe I'll go swimming at the gym this week, or do bike.

Saturday - Long day.  Another round of 5 miles this week.

Sunday - Recovery of easy walking or crosstraining.  There's a nice park nearby with a duck pond.  Perhaps I'll go stroll around there for a while.

Do you have a weekly exercise schedule?  What do you like to do?


Melissa (TheDailyMel) said...

You can do it, Nessa! :)

SeriouslyAHomemaker said...

you go girl! you'll do great, 'cause you've got a great plan!

have you heard about Jeff Galloway's marathon training programs?

Just sayin'.... helped me go from a 3 miles TOPS girl to a full marathon in just 4 months WITHOUT ANY INJURIES whatsoever!

as of today i do have an exercise plan. run 2-3 miles twice a week, do resistance training 3 times a week, and then do longer marathon training runs on saturday mornings.

we'll see...


Ann Vevera said...

I run 3 miles four times a week. Lately, I've started to work on running fast small distances to improve my endurance. I don't like biking because the seat gets so uncomfortable on my butt. And I could swim, but I hate cold water. It has to be 90+ degrees before I go swimming. What a whiner! Right?

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