Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick Check In - Down 1.3 More

I had my weekly Y Be Fit appointment today.  It's sad that I am being transferred to a new counselor since my present one is leaving (end of the semester, etc).  I've really appreciated her help.  It will be ok, and I can't wait to meet my new counselor.

I am down 1.3 more pounds, to 232.6.  Once I get under 231, that means less than 100 to go. Yippee!

Life is going well.  With the exception of one week (where I think it was more water weight than anything, since I lost 4.5 pounds the following week), my check-in chart shows a line going down, down, down.

I will pop in for an appointment on Monday to say goodbye, but after that it will be almost 3 weeks until they open again.  My goals for the meantime are:

  1. Continue on with my marathon training schedule
  2. Strength training at least once a week
  3. Only eat out once a week, and only can eat things provided by others (I.E. pizza) once
  4. Track food 5x a week at least
  5. See if there are any local 5ks coming up soon to do
  6. See my personal trainer.
Not too bad all around.  Here's to the start of another good week. What are your goals?


The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Ooooh, Miss Nessa is WORKING IT!!!! Look out world- she's gonna be FIT and SASSY!!!!!!! Ok, Seriously, that is GREAT! I am so happy for you! You are inspiring me to do more! Keep working it, and you are positively gonna get there!

Orange Juice said...

wow wow wow!!! a 5k! And training for a marathon?!? you are amazing! ROCK IT GIRL! KEEP ON ROCKIN IT!!!

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