Friday, April 16, 2010

L Is For The Losing Friends Competition

I've had a friendly competitive spirit for a while now.  When my best friend used to go to the same gym as I do (Gold's), I'd watch what he was doing on the treadmill and try to outdo him. Even now when we do 5Ks & more together, I pretend I am going to beat him.  It's hard keeping up with Mr. Long Legs, though.  (I did it once though by a few seconds, woot!). I do that with a lot of things - watching those around me and trying to beat them in my mind, though it's not a big deal if I can't.

I was talking to my clown friend Jeremy on Facebook last night. Their family just got a Wii after trying mine out at our fitness party. Aren't they so cute with the little headbands? We had so much fun eating healthy snacks and playing games on the Wii, as well as Dance Dance Revolution on the PS2.  He was telling me how he is now trying to do some Wii every day except Sunday.  Go Jeremy!

We've now decided to have a bit of a competition between the two of us...namely the "Losing Friends Competition".  Whoever can lose the most weight by the end of the year will win magical prizes, bragging rights, and fame & fortune. Something like that anyways.

At this point we both have the same goal in mind: 100 pounds.  It's likely to take longer than Dec 31st, but you never know.  That would pretty much bring me to goal weight, and it's where he wants to end up too.  Weigh-ins will be on Thursdays, since that's when I go to Y Be Fit, and he can weigh in on the Wii.

We did officially start late last night, so our beginning weights are:

  • Nessa: 232.6
  • Jeremy: 281.8
Once we actually figure out what the little prizes will be, I'll post that up.  What are some good ideas for inexpensive fitness-related items?

I need to mix up my gameplan now - going to have to step it up to compensate for the fact that he's a guy and probably going to have a somewhat easier time losing weight over me in theory.  Doesn't matter though - I am still going to win, bwa ha ha.

I've been doing 4-5 workouts a week and that's about to become 6.  I might also make the ones I currently do a bit longer.  I'll have to watch better and make sure there really are no more bagel benders.  At least I've been logging all my calories daily, which I find very helpful.

No matter what, we'll both be winners and losers.  That's the best part of all, right?


Leserlee said...

You can do it! Inexpensive fitness items? Water bottles, socks, sweatbands, hand weights.

balloongal said...

Yep, Nessa. You've been an inspiration. Thanks. And we should all get together and have some friendly competitions with the Wii while getting exercise at the same time.

Anonymous said...

maybe the two of you could start a fund where you each put in a dollar for each pound you lose... and then at the end, whoever loses the most gets the pot? just a thought. :) it would definitely add up, but instead of it being some fixed cost all at once, it would just be a little at a time, so maybe it wouldn't feel quite so expensive - and then the winner could use the money for some new clothes! :D - Kristina

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