Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Holy Crudmonkeys - Jogged 10 Minutes Straight!

I generally enjoy going to the gym these days. I just hop on a treadmill and find something good to watch on the personal TV (last night was Chopped on the Food Network. I do wonder if I torture the people behind me when I watch food shows...).  I  usually put on Closed Captioning so I can listen to my iPod also.

I've been gradually increasing the amount of jogging, usually at 4.5 MPH.  Not a world record pace, but at that point it's easier for me to jog than walk since I have such short legs.  My previous record was 6 minutes, so I decided to go for 7.  I was also trying to see how far I could go.

It went well and I neared 7.  I realized I hadn't gotten an asthma attack and I felt a little tired, but nothing major.  8 minutes didn't seem that impossible, so I kept going.  And going.  8 passed and 9 came.  At this point I was close to .75 miles, so I knew I had to continue.

Last night I jogged for 10 minutes straight and 3/4 of a mile.  I didn't have breathing problems. I didn't collapse in a heap, unable to move.  I probably could have gone a little longer, but I still had 1.3 miles to go and didn't want to wear myself out prematurely.

Now I've got my eye set on doing a full mile soon.  As I said on my Facebook's "Little bits at a time, building up to big things."  Every day I feel a little bit more sure that I might actually be able to pull off a full marathon.

How fast do you walk/jog/run?  How do you improve your speed and distance?

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balloongal said...

Wow. Terrific job. And I like the title of your post. ;)

Angela Pea said...

Yeah! Go You!

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