Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guest Post: 6 Good Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Today I've got a wonderful guest post from Jennifer of Everyday Bright (I love her blog - all about living a happier life).  I currently have a personal trainer that I can see once a month.  I wish I could do more, but that's all finances permit at the moment.  It's still enough to get me headed in the right direction.

So, without further ado....

6 Good Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Back in 1997, I completed the Big Sur marathon.  It was the second time I’d crossed the 26.2 mile finish line, and although I certainly wouldn’t call it easy, I was hooked. Unfortunately, my knees felt differently.  Before long, I could barely walk, much less contemplate long distance running.  After years of physical therapy and meeting with orthopedic doctors, I learned one important lesson: I can’t run without doing strength training.  Who knew?

I tend to be a typical Type A, so I couldn’t imagine needing help with something as “easy” as going to the gym to lift weights.  How hard could it be?  But left to my own devices, I either only did the things I found fun (like running) or made excuses that prevented me from exercising at all.  After many setbacks, I finally hired a personal trainer—and loved it.  Here are six reasons you might want to hire a personal trainer too:

  1. You pay to play: Do you have a hard time sticking with your program?  Most personal trainers have a 24 hour cancellation policy, which means rolling out of bed and changing your fitness goals is going to cost big bucks.  There’s nothing like money to keep your motivation strong.
  2. Ensure good form: Ever read one of those magazine articles suggesting five new exercises, only to wind up asking: my hands go where?  According to Exercisegoals.com, less than 10% of people perform weight training exercises properly.  Personal trainers help you get the most out of your workout without hurting yourself.
  3. Puts the personal in training: I needed to keep my leg muscles strong without further injuring my knee, something I couldn’t be sure of while taking a class like kick-boxing.  When I was pregnant, I needed an entirely different routine to keep me fit and safe (and according to My Optum Health, only 1 in 4 pregnant women get enough exercise).  Whatever your goals, your trainer will ensure you get results by designing a regime just for you.
  4. Variety, variety, variety: I’ve done probably a hundred sessions or more with a personal trainer, and never had the exact same workout twice.  Variety can be the spice of fitness, and it makes workouts more fun.
  5. The whole package: Many trainers not only help you exercise, they assist with nutritional and weight loss goals as well.  For example, Sarah Beck, one of the trainers I’ve worked with personally, offers an online package of strength training, cardio training and nutrition consultation--all for only $40 a month!
  6. Dumbbells make smartbelles: A recent article in the NY Times reports that weight lifting can actually make you smarter.  As if getting fit and fabulous weren’t enough…

Make sure any trainer you hire is certified through a reputable organization.  Personal training isn’t cheap, and it pays to shop around for the right personality.  Do you want a drill sergeant or a best friend?  Whatever their personality, they should be good listeners and provide you with lots of feedback as you make progress.  Losing weight and getting fit may not be easy, but a personal trainer will make it a lot more fun and rewarding.

Jennifer Gresham lost over 30 lbs through a combination of hard core training and a Weight Watchers diet.  Although she realized her weight loss goals and learned dozens of exercises, she continues to use a personal trainer to this day.  She is the author of Everyday Bright, a blog on happiness and personal fulfillment.

Thanks again Jennifer!  
Do you have a personal trainer?


Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot said...

Jen, you're an inspiration. Who'd have thought that brawn and brains can go together. Keep it up you super hot chicas:)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Annabel! And don't you just love the name of Vanessa's blog? I definitely want to be a super hot chica and am willing to let a personal trainer show me a thing or two to get there! :)

Miss Nessa said...

Aw thanks. I'm more just like a cute chica for now, and training to become a super hot chica someday. It's a fun title with a double meaning.
And thanks again, it was a fab piece.

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