Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fitness and Wellness Tips From a Spunky Old Broad

I've got another rockin' guest post for you today from Dr. Gayle Carson. You have to love someone who says they are a Spunky Old Broad. She works as a speaker and personal coach, and has graciously written some tips especially for women over 50.  Enjoy!

Nothing is more important than your health.  If you don't have the
ability to get through the day, it's going to be difficult to accomplish
what you want to.  Perhaps you have an infirmity or health problem in
your life, but with an attitude adjustment and a sound plan for healthy
living, you don't have to be it's victim.  With prevention, exercise
and a proper diet, you will feel better, be more positive and bounce
back more quickly from whatever attacks you.

3500 calories equals one pound.  Isn't that awful?  You have to get
rid of 3500 calories to lose one pound.  It doesn't seem fair!  It
takes forever to lose the pound and just by looking at that piece of
chocolate, you gain it right back.  Not really--but it sure seems like

Here's what it takes to lose weight:  Normally you burn 11 to 15 calories
for every pound of weight you carry, depending on how active you are.
If you are moderately active and weigh 100 pounds (just for easy
multiplication), you would need to take in 1300 calories per day to
maintain your weight.  To lose that weight, you'd have to delete 500
calories per day from that.  Doesn't seem that hard, but it is!

When you exercise, your metabolism increases and your circulation
improves.  Exercise also stimulates the burning of fat and calories,
results in the greatest loss of inches and improves cardiovascular
health and stamina.

Whether you exercise in the morning or at night, and whether you
divide your workout into three 10 minute sessions, block out an hour
or two, or decide on a three-time-a week schedule, it's your fitness
time and shouldn't be jeopardized.

Be attentive to your body and your mind.  Eat the proper foods for
you and your digestive system  Go to your preventive screenings,
have a regular check-up, take your vitamins and supplements, and
find an exercise you're comfortable doing.  Maintain proper cholesterol
levels, work on having a healthy heart and cardiovascular system,
know your insulin levels, and get enough sleep.  These suggestions
may not prevent certain illnesses, but doing them will let you fight
back better and faster.
Dr. Gayle Carson is a 72 year old Spunky Old Broad who exercises
2 hours every day and is a three time cancer survivor.

Thanks again Gayle!

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