Thursday, April 29, 2010

Derailed by Vacation; Back on Track

First - here's a fun new sundress that I bought. A guy pal told me I should get one, so I obliged.  More photos on my Facebook page.  Lots more girlification in the works these days as I enjoy the changes to my body....

I went home to California for a few days. It's often a struggle food- and exercise-wise when I do. First, there's the whole mentality that you're on vacation - an escape from normal life.  It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of eating all the foods you miss and seeing family and friends instead of working out.

There's also the fact that I'm staying at my parents' home.  When I'm here in Utah on my own, it's easier to let myself stay in the "poor starving writer" mode (it's not quite that bad, of course, but you get the idea). I go out to eat sometimes, but try to cook myself decent food at home or at least make good choices most of the time on a limited budget.

However, there is food-a-plenty at home in California.  Glorious, delicious food. Compound that with the fact that they're usually so gosh darn happy to see me and take me out to eat too.....well, it's a recipe for a weight loss derailment.

I finally got to go back to Y Be Fit after a 3 week hiatus - it was closed for finals, etc.  I've got a brand new counselor and she's really cool (I'm not just writing that because you said you were going to check out my blog ;) .  I weighed in and found out that vacation basically set me back two weeks - up about 3 pounds. Sigh.  

It's not the end of the world - my clothes are still fitting better than they did before.  My collarbones feel like they are more prominent now, and a new dimple is in the works for when I smile. I stopped before any true damage was done.

We also made goals:
  • Write in my blog a few times (good so far)
  • Start back on my marathon schedule
  • Schedule a meeting with my personal trainer
  • Eat out once, get food from someone (like when they bring a pizza) once
  • Track food at least 5x a week
  • Bring my strength training regimen to next week's meeting.
Life isn't perfect by any means, and I am human.  I may fall sometimes, but at least I am picking myself up and starting again...and do even better this time.


Leserlee said...

You can do it! And way to go on the 11 minutes of running. That is awesome!

balloongal said...

Yes, you can. You can.

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