Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5th in a 5K and a Bagel Bender

Saturday was a wonderful day.  I volunteered for a small 5K put on by a friend and then ran it.  How small was it, you say? For the 5K, 10K and 10 miles, there were 14 people total.  It was definitely different than most of the races I go to.

It was a cold & windy morning.  Runners on the 10K and 10 miles ran into heavy snow on the path and several turned back early. This race made my lungs hurt more than anything else due to asthma.  I persevered and managed to still have a 15:36 pace overall, which is good considering the knee and all.

Since there were only 5 people doing the 5K, I can say I came in 5th and it sounds impressive! Woo hoo!

I stayed after I finished to help spot people so we could note their final time. I earned $20 in gift cards for a local running store.  I'll be working at these races again so I can earn enough for a fancy pair of running shoes for the marathon.

The table was overflowing with bananas & bagels.  I got to take several bags home.  Sigh.  I don't know if I was just craving carbs, but I ate *so* many bagels this weekend, both large and small.  I was on a bagel bender.  I also made No Bake Cookies.  Yes, I think I really wanted carbs for some reason.

It's not the end of the world.  At least I recognized fairly quickly that I have been becoming a bit too friendly with bagels and food in general.  It's not going to mean I gained lots of pounds back.  It's going to be ok.  I just need to pick myself up and recommit to eating in a more reasonable fashion as usual. It's life as an imperfect human. :)

What helps you get back on track?

Bagel Dress picture by Behzad K via Flickr


Kristen said...

I hear ya on the carb benders! LOL! I find that it is the kind of carbs I eat that make the big difference. For instance, if I eat a bag of white flour pretzels and a couple white flour bagels and then some white pasta and a few chocolate chip cookies, it just keeps snowballing like that. If I can recognize the carb craving after just the bag of pretzels and switch to whole grain carbs, it all seems to settle back down. I love quinoa because it cooks up quickly and will take on flavors you put with it. I cook some up quick, add a bit o' butter and a little salt. I feel perfectly satisfied and settle down. Hope that helps!

Jess said...

Aw, carbs aren't bad for you though! Well, I guess it depends but I like my carbs and will eat them if I want them.

Anyway, that's awesome that you did the 5K! You could have just stood by but you didn't and that's what counts!

I get back on track because I have more races to train for (10K, half marathon, marathon). I can't let myself slack since those races are already in stone so I HAVE to train.

Keep it up.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

I was on a pasta bender last night. (4 bowls. I know, that's just silly. But I feel I can confess it after you talked about your bagels) I haven't dared get on the scale today. It can wait till tomorrow. (I know how my body gets with the pasta. Sticks it on like glue)
But, I am a big fan of the bagel. As long as I limit it to one, and do a low fat spread, I'm usually ok.
What kind of running shoes are you going to get? I have asics, and I LOVE THEM!
What gets me back on track? Public humiliation on my blog- of the pictures of my rolls and flab variety... ;)

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

I was feeling down and ate two oreos with a glass of milk. It felt great! I didn't feel guilty about eating junk, since it was only two, and I felt proud of myself for only eating two! And now I'm ready to get back on track! Good to find what works! :)

Miss Nessa said...

Thanks for the advice! Bagels themselves aren't horrid things of course...just moderation is needed, not to plow through a stack o'bagels. Have to find the good carbs.

Just like your 2 Oreos and milk is ok, because it was a reasonable amount. And pasta.....mmmm. Feel ya there :) I lurve Italian food.

I have my eyes on some Asics Nimbus 11s. We'll see though - have to check out what this particular store carries! :)

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