Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pizza is my Kryptonite

I find myself thinking about food a lot these days.  I can't help it.  I peer at the food labels, trying to decipher whether this food is nutritious enough to deem worthy of consumption.  I do quick calculations in my head to see if the calorie count to food portion is reasonable.  I enter my foods online to track what I eat.

There is one food I simply cannot refuse though : pizza.

There's just something about the saucy cheesy goodness.  It almost doesn't matter what the toppings are - it will get eaten.  I do pick off peppers and onions...thereby stripping the pizza of some vegetables.

I had pizza last week - a glorious buffalo chicken variety from my favorite local pizzeria.  It's Boston style.  I had Little Caesars this week.  Not as thrilling, but still pizza.  I wish I could eat pizza today.

A close second in the world of non-resistance is chocolate.  I do adore it too, but I am able to abstain at least part of the time.  It helps that I am trying to eat less sugar (sigh, I have sadly not kept up fully on the Year Without Refined Sugar.  I don't know how I managed that 10 months once :)

I'm not sure what to do.  The healthier versions of pizza (where you use little or no cheese, load it up with just veggies, etc) don't really appeal to me.  I do believe I can still have pizza in my life.  I let myself go out to eat once a week.  But pizza is my kryptonite, and if it's there, I'll eat it.

What's a girl to do?  Any ideas?


Connie G. Barwick said...

I miss pizza too and the traditional kind just doesn't fit in my diet plan. Here's what I do - I use a Flat Out Light Wrap, a smear of Pizza Sauce, 3 oz 99% fat free ground turkey (cooked), a few Turkey pepperoni, a sprinkling of Low fat Italian cheese, and all sorts of veggies - peppers, mushrooms, a tiny bit of onion. Spray the pizza pan with zero calorie cooking spray and bake in the oven until the cheese melts and it is hot through - comes the closest to tasting like "real pizza" - yummy!

Leserlee said...

I know you said you don't like veggie pizzas, but have you tried Papa Murphy's gourmet vegetarian? It has no peppers, though it does have onions (I order mine w/o onions). It is loaded with (to me) glorious things like zuchinni, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and spinach, with lots of cheese (we add more when we get home) and a yummy garlic ranch sauce. Mmmmmmm.

Miss Nessa said...

Hmmmm thanks for the suggestions! I will have to try them both. I haven't trued the Papa Murphy one, though I do like their Delite Mediterranean chicken which is lighter in calories, if I remember. It's got chicken, feta, sundried tomatoes....I forget what else, but it's delish too.

Momma Such said...

Oh now I'm hungry!
You know everytime I would try to go on a diet I would do nothing but think of food and feel starved all of the time. I hate dieting!

Miss Nessa said...

Awww Momma Such, Im sorry. I find it helps to have things in at least moderation from time to time so it DOESN'T seem like a diet. You have to work on finding things that are like the foods you want but aren't quite as bad, like these lovely ladies suggested, or take one day where you can generally eat whatever you want.

I do that - I let myself eat out once a week. It's a nice treat to look forward to, and I generally "behave" better the rest of the week.

And don't think of it as a diet...that implies it's going to end at some point. You should try to find some sort of ways to eat healthier overall for keeps :)

You can also work on finding healthy foods to fill up on. I am planting sugar snap peas this week, because I discovered I love to eat those fresh. I make myself fruit and 100% juice smoothies. I eat fresh fruit. Try to get lots of fiber.

I hope you can figure some things out so you don't feel like you're starving all the time. Good luck!

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