Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Sexy New Lil' Black....Knee Brace?

A quick happy dance first - this week's weigh in at Y-Be Fit was 4.5 pounds.  Hallelujah!

I think I have fallen prey to a common mistake: in my eagerness to start my new marathon training, I pushed things a little too hard at times, perhaps.  I've been having little twinges in my left knee.  It doesn't really hurt if I am jogging (strangely enough), but I can feel it sometimes when I am walking, and lightly later.

I PROMISE it's not really bad.  I can still walk around without limping, etc.  It really isn't a terrible sort of pain.  I am pretty sure I haven't caused anything more than a temporary problem. I don't want it to progress, though, so I am being good and taking preventative steps.

First, for at least the next week or two, I am dialing down the MPH quite a bit.  I will keep to the same number of miles per day that I am supposed to do, but I'll take it easy and work back up to where I was over time, and be more careful with future increases. If I have to, I'll take a week or two off and really rest.

I am also icing my knee down after exercise.  Today's version is a large bag of unpopped popcorn I stuck in the freezer for a few hours.  I realized that I have both a can of wheat and some fabric, so I am going to whip up a homemade ice pack.  It will have the bonus of serving as a heating pack too if needed.  It's pretty easy, so I'll put up some instructions sometime.

Finally, thanks to a wonderful soul on Freecycle, I now own a hinged knee brace.  It's such a lovely black hue.  Isn't it hawt?  Forgive me for not modeling it, but my knee is feeling shy and tired.  It seemed to help tonight, so that's great. It's very sturdy and should last me a long time.  I'll try wearing it and I hear it will help keep me from overextending my knee, give it some more support, and so on.

What do you do to prevent injuries while exercising?


Keith said...

Those hinged knee braces do it for me every time! :-)

Leserlee said...

To prevent injuries, I try to start slow and remember to stretch afterwards. Also not doing too much too soon tends to help. I'm a firm believer in taking it easy (maybe too firm a believer and that's why I'm so out of shape).

balloongal said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. Take care of yourself.

PACO said...

Barefoot running is supposed to be better for your feet and knees than running shoes. In fact, there's a theory that says the more expensive the shoe, the more likely to have injuries. If you're not for completely barefoot, you could try Vibram Five Fingers or even just Aqua Socks (I've taken to Aquasocks for quite a bit of my outdoor activities).

Just a few thoughts . . .

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