Thursday, March 18, 2010

Log Your Miles With Daily Mile

Since I do races and report them on this blog, I've been hunting for some sort of widget that could show how many miles I've gone for training and races. I'm happy to report that I found exactly what I wanted and more in DailyMile.

You create a free account telling them what sort of participant you are (options are Athlete, Runner, Cyclist, Triathlete or Walker).  I chose walker since that's the level I am generally at for now.  However, you can still log in a wide variety of activities.

When logging in an entry, there are spaces to indicate:

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Mood rating
  • Notes about how it went
  • Effort
  • Calories
  • Weather
  • Heart rate
  • Whether you want it to auto-post to Facebook (I do!)

You can see an example in the little widget to the left.

I find it exciting and just another way to help keep me motivated.  If I look at my blog and see that the widget has an old training session, it will remind me to log in a new one or go out there and exercise.

Do you use Daily Mile (let's be friends!)  or another site like this?  What works for you?

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