Monday, March 22, 2010

I WANTED to Exercise

As far as my training schedule goes, Mondays are a day of rest.  In general, the more exercise you can get, the better, but your muscles do need a break sometimes in order to give them time to repair and rebuild muscles.  You can also get injured if you do too much.

However, as I was sitting here on my bed working, I had an odd thought : I wanted to go work out.  It keeps running through my mind that it sure would be nice to go jump on the treadmill and do some miles.

I am just amused right now.  I am taking the day off still, since I have a lot of miles ahead of me this week.  Tomorrow I will be doing 3 miles and doing some strength work.  It's still just a weird (in a wonderful way) that I  am actually anxious to go exercise again.  I'm sure I won't always feel like this, but it's a strange new experience.

Have you gotten to this point yet?  Do you WANT to go exercise? What helped you get there?

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