Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Y Be Fit is Going Great!

About a month ago I started checking in weekly at Y Be Fit again. This is a program at BYU that has 2 different options to help people get in shape. They have a comprehensive version where you can take a bunch of tests and have 3 months of follow-up counseling for $110 ($70 for students and less for BYU employees). I did that long ago, and opted to just do the 3 months version for $40 total.

I had a very nice surprise. It's been a little over a year since I went there. I wasn't expecting the lady I was working with before to still be around (they are interns working on their Bachelors or Masters degrees) but she was! I will be meeting with her until she graduates in April, when I'll have to pick someone new to meet with.

I like it because it helps me keep going on my weight loss. We make goals at each visit and go over how my previous week went. It makes it a bit easier to keep on track since I have to check in. So far I have lost every week, which is an improvement over the last time I did the program.

Next week we are doing a body fat % and a treadmill test. I've done them before so I know how they just won't be as fun to see such scary numbers :) You have to start somewhere and go down though!

Does your community have a program like this that is less expensive than some of the other programs like this (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc)?

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