Monday, November 23, 2009

Sigh - A Quick Update, and an Upcoming 5K

I've been trying to keep up with bills, so that's been stressing me out.  I have been doing more work online, so it's great to have outlets where I can get the money I need.

Unfortunately, I've been ignoring things like eating well and exercising.  I need to get back on track.  It's really hard.

I am excited that while I am in California for the next month, I will get to do another 5K.  This one is in Manhattan Beach and is moonlit on the beach. The pathway is lit by luminarias, and everyone gets glow necklaces.

My sister-in-law and a good friend are doing it with me too. I can't wait.

What helps you get back on track when you're not doing so well?


Leserlee said...

Pretty much nothing gets me back on track when I've been doing bad. But eventually the candy runs out, so that helps, to not buy more candy. But for the exercise thing...not much helps at all.

The Historian said...

How about a weight loss program with an iron clad guarantee?

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