Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Started Couch to 5K Plan on Monday, My Theme Song, and Beck Day 9

I've done several 5K races and even a half marathon.  I surprise myself with my times - much better than I would think possible for myself.   So far, though, it's been mostly walking.  I jog as I can, but sometimes my asthma starts flaring up a little so I ease off.

On Monday I started the Couch to 5K Plan. It's specifically designed to ease you into running/jogging over the course of 9 weeks.  There are 3 sessions weekly. You do intervals of walking and running, increasing the running time weekly.  For the first week, I just warmed up for 5 minutes, then did splits of 1 minute jogging at 5 MPH and 1.5 minutes walking at 2.8 MPH.

It went really well - I was able to do every single jogging portion. My brother made me an awesome Aquabats mix with Couch to 5K cues, so that will make it even more fun. I'm off to do it again tonight.  I plan to start with the program, then watch TV and walk a couple more hours.  I can't wait until I can jog a whole 5K straight!

Beck Day 9 - Select an Exercise Plan. Oh, this isn't too hard - I have the Couch to 5K going. I also do my Wii Fit sometimes, and I should start doing Dance Dance Revolution again.  I will lift weights twice weekly. I just got a schedule of classes at the gym, so I may start doing that too.

I've been in love with Don't Stop Believin' by Journey ever since I was little.  I've decided to adopt it as my theme song for my weight loss journey.  It's isn't easy by a long shot.  I have to really work on eating right as much as I can, and getting my butt into gear and exercising.  But I can't stop believin' I can do it. It will take time.  I can do it though!

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