Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beck Diet Day 2 : Choose 2 Reasonable Diets

On Day 2 for the Beck Diet, you're supposed to choose 2 reasonable diets that you will start using in 2 weeks.  You have a main diet you plan to follow, but you have a "reserve" diet so you don't have an excuse if something happens to your main diet.

I've never been good with specific diets.  I get bored if I am trying to follow one of those diets where they tell you what to eat each day.  I like choosing what I want to eat for the day on a meal-by-meal basis and I never know what I really will be in the mood to eat.  I also tend to be absent minded and only last 2-3 weeks anyways.  

I've decided to not do a diet per se.  This is a lifestyle change, in fact.  I am going to keep my calories within about a 1200-1800 range each day.  At the moment I am eating around 1300 calories each day. I love using MyFitnessPal to chart out what I have eaten and see how many calories I have left in the day.  I can map out foods that I am interested in eating and make sure I can balance eating right with eating what I like.

I am also going to try to generally have a Mediterranean diet. That's where you focus on eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, nuts and olive oil.  It has been studied for many years and shown to have lots of health benefits.  I can eat a lot more of these things (for the most part - have to be careful with the nuts and olive oil) without so many calories.

As far as a backup plan...hmm.  I did lose some weight before when I was using SlimFast type drinks. I'm not always hungry in the morning, so it's a good way to get in breakfast.  I might still use these once in a while on my main diet, but I will keep the entire diet as my backup.

I'm supposed to wait 2 weeks until I start a diet. However, since it's more of an eating style and not a true diet, I'll keep doing it now.  I'm excited to learn more about controlling the way I eat.

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