Monday, September 28, 2009

What will I look like?

I've been reading a lot of weight loss boards lately and looking at before-and-after pictures. I have to admit - the thought of what I will look like in the end keeps puzzling me.

I look in the mirror at my face and wonder...Will I get cheekbones? Will you be able to see my eyes better? Will my dimples really pop out? Will I even look like me at all?

As I keep looking elsewhere, I muse....what size will I end up? How will my arms look? Will I have lots of loose skin? Will I even need new shoes? and so on.

So many questions.

I've always been overweight, so these thoughts are foreign to me. I can't imagine what it will be like to be a healthy, "normal" size. It does scare me a little, strangely. I will still be me inside, but the outside is going to be quite different.

Still, it's also exciting. I can't wait to meet the new me someday.


crossstitcher said...

Nessa, I bet you will need new shoes! I once lost a good bit of weight and all my shoes fit loose.

And, you are already a beautiful girl, so you will look like you, only thinner!

Miss Nessa said...

Oh you make me blush - thanks so much!

It actually would be nice to have smaller shoes. My feet are small, in length - I think about an 8 in womens, if I put it on one of those shoe measuring mats I've seen at the store.

Yet in reality, I end up a size 10 because of mah fat feet. Quite wide. It may always be so, but it could always change. Will just be intriguing to watch.

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