Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today's Adventure Buying Jeans

As I went to put my jeans in the washer, I noticed that they had developed a hole. Drat! I had them for a while and they served me well, but I would have to go shopping for jeans.

It's not easy to find pants that fit. I am quite the pear shape, which means I have to pick pants that will fit my hips. However, this usually means that the waist is very loose, especially if I am trying to find a pair in the mens' section (sometimes necessary, depending on the store and selection.) I feel sloppy since they don't fit well. Since I am losing weight, I hesitate to spend much for clothes that I hope will be too loose soon.

I headed off to Savers, one of my favorite thrift stores. After getting distracted momentarily in the book section, I found the jeans. I chose a selection of the usual 20s and 22s, trying to see if I could find the magic pair. As I tried them on, I noticed a curious trend. None of them seemed to fit very well. They were too big!

I put them all back and dared to choose a selection of size 18s. A smile crept to my lips as the first two pairs fit. I didn't like the rest of them.....but I had two pairs that actually fit well. One is a pair of really cute long jean capris. The other is a nice darker blue pair.

It's just so encouraging that I am finally leaving the 20 + region of the clothing section. Hope is in sight! I can't wait for the next 2 goal - getting out of the 200s. I am planning to reach that by the end of the year. Wahoo!


Misty D. said...

WOO! Congratulations. I've not hit the Out of 20+ jeans yet, but I am so looking forward to that day. Keep up the good work! You are excellent motivation!

Miss Nessa said...

Thanks. It's really super weird to me. I was wearing them last night, and not only did they fit, they were generally very comfortable. I know it varies by brand, but man, I'll take it.

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