Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marathon Training Begins Monday!

Just after I completed the half marathon, we were already musing and planning on doing a marathon next year, since the half went well enough. Who is this person I have become???

I work from home, mainly. I currently have an outside temp job for another month or so. Overall, it means I have a lot of free time potentially available since I make my own schedule. I think I will start doing at least an hour or two (and possibly more) 6 days a week at the gym. The one I go to has TVs on the treadmills, so it's one less excuse for me to use. I also usually go longer when I have distractions like TV (since I have to keep watching until the ends of shows, etc) or music (just makes the time fly).

I will also throw in some swimming as I can. It's hard sometimes when there's fifty billion people trying to swim at the same time. I've had people start swimming in the lane I was already in. I just don't like it since I don't feel confident enough in my swimming that I'm not going to somehow smack them as we cross paths. It's ok though, since I just start walking in the pool then.

Will probably do some stationary bike too. I also want to do a triathlon at some point, so need to work on the biking part. I figure all these activities will help me get into better shape for doing a marathon, period.

What marathon will I do? It's undecided. I figure it will be at least 9 months to a year away, so I have some time to think it over. I am leaning towards doing the Pocatello one as a full marathon this time (we did it as the half). They give you potatoes (just too fun!), a duffel bag, a medal, a T-shirt, and more. Loved that there were tons of aid stations. It doesn't hurt that the first half is pretty much downhill, either.

Maybe I'll do one back home in Southern California. It would be amazing if there was one that went along PCH, since I love the beach.

Perhaps I could go visit places I love, like Vancouver BC or Portland, Oregon, and do their marathon.

Perhaps I could do one when I go to Europe next summer. I really do like the idea of that one.

The possibilities are endless! Have you done any marathons? Suggestions? Cautions? Advice?


JennRN said...

Do the marathon at a vacation destination, but make sure the marathon is toward the end of the week, so you aren't sore for the entire trip!

Miss Nessa said...

Oh yes, that would be horrible. I am sure I'll be in better shape by then, but I'm remembering how stiff and sore I was after the half marathon. What sort of fun would that be?

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