Thursday, September 24, 2009

I did a half marathon!

Well, it's been a bit since I've posted. I have accomplished one of the coolest things ever - I did a half marathon with my friend Andy on September 5th, 2009!

It wasn't easy. The week before, I got a rash on my leg that hurt when I walked. I hadn't trained as much as I should have. I was afraid I wouldn't finish, since they said you had to keep up a 20:36 min/mile pace the whole time. I worried about hyponatremia (where you get water poisoning from too little salt).

I still had trepidation as we went up to Idaho. I forgot my Camelbak at home - d'oh! I was worried, since drinking water helps my asthma. I decided since this race featured lots of aid stations, I would hopefully be ok. I brought along a couple of Powerbars and some Clif Power Shot Bloks, which are an electrolyte chew.

We woke up bright and early, since we had to be to the bus by 7 am. It was cool and brisk, and we walked around to warm up. I still couldn't believe I was doing this. My eyes darted around, seeing if I was the biggest person there (at 242 pounds). I did see a couple of girls that were near or above my size, so that was a bit reassuring.

Then we were off! We stayed together for a while, but it's hard to keep up with him since he has long legs, and had trained a bit better. He would still look back so often to see where I was.

It went very well. I used a small camera bag as a makeshift fanny pack, which turned out to be perfect to hold the water cups I took from the aid stations. The electrolyte chews were awesome - just like fruit snacks. I also had oranges and some of that energy gel, which was weird.

Around mile 8 or 9, my hip started hurting. I kept on trucking. Blisters developed. The worst came near the finish line. It happened under my big toe and felt like the skin ripped. I started limping a bit to try to take the pressure off the foot with worse blisters, but I kept going. It was so cool to cross the finish line after 4 hrs 13 minutes.

I got my bag of potatoes (I chose this race because they give everyone who finishes a bag of potatoes), duffel bag, shirt, and a lunch of BBQ sandwich and stuffed potatoes. Had an ice cream bar and some Powerade.

Now...we've talked about doing a marathon next year. Life sure is crazy, huh?

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