Monday, August 3, 2009

Using the (Snarky) Wii Fit

I am so excited! A few weeks ago I won a Wii Fit from a Facebook fan page. I'd been wanting the game for a while - I already am into video games as exercise, since I do a lot of Dance Dance Revolution. There was a slight problem - I didn't own a Wii yet. Oops!

I just bought a Wii finally on Saturday and broke out the Wii Fit. It's lots of fun. I did some hula hoops, running, tightrope walking, yoga and step.

The Wii Fit makes me laugh because it's so snarky. When I was doing the initial tests, it decided I was very unbalanced. To be specific, it asked if I tripped when I walked. When I turned it on last night to show a friend what it was like, the game scolded me for being up so late, then said "Staying up late can mess up your body's natural cycle. It also doesn't make waking up in the morning any easier." Since I hadn't turned it on the day before (Church and fixing friends' computers) , it then wondered "Too busy to work out yesterday, Nessa?"

I enjoy it so far. I still have a lot to unlock, so I guess I better get crackin' on that. I'm also excited for WiiFitPlus to come out (points for including juggling!). I will also have to check out some of the other fitness games for the Wii. Any suggestions?

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Leserlee said...

No game suggestions, but I do love how snarky the Balance Board is. He's a funny guy. And he'll be very mad at me when I replace my batteries and find out I haven't used the wii fit since February.

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