Friday, July 31, 2009

Living in Smoothie Heaven

When our family went to Puerto Vallarta, we would go shopping at Gigante (a supermarket/shopping mall - lived up to the name!). I'd pick out some exotic fruits like tiny bananas, guayaba, mamey and more. We'd also buy familiar fruits too. Each morning we would whip up a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I loved it.

I recently got my personal blender out of storage . It's the perfect size to make just one smoothie at a time - it has a 14 ounce capacity. I do have to make sure to push down the fruit a few times, but it's not hard. I can blend it up, take the top off, and put on a travel lid. Cleaning it takes very little time and it's ready to go for the next day.

I bought some frozen fruit and whipped up a smoothie yesterday. The only other thing I added was some skim milk. It was delicious! I think it's a much healthier breakfast than other favorites like Marshmallow Mateys.

Last night a friend gave me some apricots. I just took out the pits and put them in the freezer. I had another smoothie today with the apricots and many other fruits. In addition to the skim milk, I added one spoon of Mexican style sugar. I think I'm going to do this every day.

Do you have any good smoothie recipes? The only fruits I don't really like are the melons (besides watermelon - I like that just fine).

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