Sunday, January 25, 2009

On My Way

Winter is hard.  I usually crave tons of carbs and gain weight back. I gained back a little over the holidays.  I went back up to 246.  Sigh.

But I am on my way again. I've been trying to eat better.  Now I am back down to 242.  It will keep going down this time.

I need to add more exercise in.  I have lots of free time right now and I'm not using it right.  I have 2 events that I have already planned to walk in:

1) Rex Lee Run in March with Andy
2) Pocatello Half Marathon.   Trying to get Andy to do it.

I love how they give a bag of potatoes to anyone who finishes the Pocatello race.  It's just so amusing.

I have to do it this time.  I need to do so for my health and my happiness.   And other things too.

1 comment:

megha said...

I want to lose my weight at any cost

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