Friday, September 19, 2008

Y Be Fit, and too much Sugar Free - yipes!

I had my first appointment at Y Be Fit after a while - they were closed until the new semester started. I get to go once a week, get weighed (250 today - eep!) , set goals and just talk it all over. I've missed it.

My goals for the week
-Exercise 15 min a day at least
(I walked around during part of a TV show tonight)
-Watch Biggest Loser
(will do so next Tues)
-Make my lunch
(I need to do that still tonight!)
-Go to bed by 1 am

Well, the last one isn't happening tonight, because I guess I had a little too much sugar free in my quest for chocolate cake. That is now satisfied without resorting to the cake mix, but at the cost of an upset stomach and such. Can't sleep yet.

I will do better the rest of the week! I have until next Thursday.

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