Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Pick Up and Keep Going

I've been having troubles. There's a chocolate cake that keeps calling my name. I think I worked past that one. But I was so bored at work and I just started thinking about chocolate and I went to Wendy's and had a Twisted Frosty.

I need to work out some sort of compromise for no sugar vs chowing down whenever I feel like it. I went a long time before, but I don't know if I can manage that goal right now.

Watching the Biggest Loser. Cool. I am going to do some DDR when it's over. It's been too long. I need to slow down my life a little somehow.

1 comment:

Nater said...

I thought I would comment on your blog since I wasn't able to meet with you today! I hope things are going well for you and that you aren't as stressed. Feel free to email me and let me know how things are going. See you next week!

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