Monday, August 25, 2008

Rationalization - How Ice Cream Has No Calories

I was reading posts in a forum last week, and came across the following quote :

"Calories are a unit of heat, and ice cream is really cold, so it doesn't have any calories. ."

What happy news! We've been looking at this the wrong way. Ice cream doesn't have calories - hurrah!

Of course, this is absurd, and I would hope no one truly believes this...but it also made me think about rationalization.

  • How many times have I stopped for fast food on the way home from work, telling myself I was tired and I "deserved it"?
  • How many times have I told myself that "just one more cookie won't hurt"? (and of course it was never just one cookie)
  • How many times did I tell myself that, since I walked around at work a lot, I didn't need to exercise until another day?
I could keep going...but too often in life, we all make poor choices, rationalizing the whole way. We think up excuses and wrong conclusions and suddenly we can talk ourselves out of doing needed tasks, or eating things we shouldn't.

My new goal : stop it! No more lies, excuses and fallacies.
The road to weight loss is paved with reality, not rationalization.

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