Sunday, August 24, 2008

A New Beginning

It's not easy when you look at your life and you realize you arrived somewhere you never intended to be.

I swore I'd never hit 250 pounds. I've always been a bigger gal. I was around 180 or so growing up, then gained a lot of weight after my engagement was called off and it just....stuck. Years later, through a combination of 2 jobs and other busyness, eating out or eating bad became much easier. Not too many weeks ago, I hit the fated 250 pound mark.

I haven't gone much past it - 262 is the new high - but enough is enough. I want a life where I don't feel like a big hippo. Maybe my asthma (a milder case but still not fun) won't affect me anymore. It would be nice to shop wherever I want for clothes. Just to feel and look like I dream I should...

I'm tired of this! So as part of my journey towards status as a "Super Hot Chica", I am starting this blog. I can record the exercise I do - I am a DDR freak, and I also like 5ks, and more. I can just share some of the hard parts along the way.

My goal? About 121-141 or so, I would imagine. I am 5'4", and this would be about right.

This won't be easy...but I WILL do it!

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A Little of This and a Little of That said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I lost 60lbs in about 6 months but only because I was diagnosed with diabetes. It's sad that I waited until I got diabetes to scare the weight off. But now I have about 50 more to go and I will be happy. I gave up carbohydrates and the wight just fell off. So much and so fast that my doctor thought maybe my cancer was back. lol So make sure you do it before you HAVE too.
Good Luck!


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